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is currently marketing


RebarLock Products Line

of RebarLock LLC


RebarLock StiffToFlex™

Technologies for Disaster-proof*

Construction Systems and Structures.


* Earthquake, hurricane and tornado high wind,

fire, flood, mudslide, and termites resistant




RebarLock Current Product:


RebarLock™ StiffToFlex™

Disaster-proof Precast Concrete

Construction Systems and Structures





PreConSyst™ Technology:


1. Reduces time and cost of design and

construction by 50%, and


2. Cuts total cost of structures by 25%,

while, in the same time,


3. Improves earthquake-resistance of

reinforced concrete structures,


 compared to current cast-in-place and

precast concrete technologies.




PreConSyst™ Current Phase:


PreConSyst™ Technology

is ready for implementation

into construction industry

by ReFInvest LLC.




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